Nevermore V5 DUO – Air Filter

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NEVERMORE V5 DUO Filter system comes complete and pre-assembled, ready to be mounted and used! Parts are printed in high quality ASA from extrudr/Fillamentum and Prusament PCCF.
Need more options or mods? Please CONTACT US before ordering.

  • ASA
  • PCCF
  • White - RAL9016
  • Gray/Silver
  • Anthracite - RAL7016
  • Black - RAL9017
  • Neon Green - RAL6038
  • Neon Orange - RAL2005
  • Neon Yellow - RAL1026
  • Red - RAL3020
  • Yellow - RAL1023
  • Green Grass - RAL6010
  • Sky Blue - RAL5015
  • *Main Material
    *Main Color
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    Hardware includes M3 brass heat inserts, screws, hammerhead 2020 inserts, cables and connectors. If chosen, cables will be assembled and heat inserts installed.

    Please choose if you would like the fans to be included and mounted

    Please choose if you would like to included activated carbon. Quantity determines the number of refills. Leave zero if you do not need the carbon.

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Nevermore V5 DUO Official Github Repository

NEVERMORE V5 DUO Filter system comes complete and pre-assembled, ready to be mounted and used – IF you choose to include both HARDWARE and FANS!
Premium quality printed parts from highest quality filaments! All our printed parts are carefully inspected and only the perfect ones are dispatched to the buyer!

NEVERMORE V5 DUO Air filter is an essential and must have for all 3D printers. It re-circulates the air inside the chamber, finest quality coconut steam activated carbon filter the air and removes toxic fumes and particles.
Our activated coal is steam activate without use of any chemicals, this will NOT in any way damage your printer or degrade its performance. Tested and approved by 3D printing community.

Package includes:

  • Printed parts in PCCF (Polycarbonate Carbon Fiber) for highest temperature resistance and functional reliability.
  • Heat inserts already mounted – IF HARDWARE option is selected
  • 5015 blowers/fans already connected and mounted – IF FANS option is selected
  • Magnets already mounted – IF HARDWARE option is selected
  • PTFE High temperature wire harness (60cm – wires made in Germany) with JST connectors – IF HARDWARE option is selected
  • Refills of premium coconut steam activated coal – for 250 hours of print time! (350 grams) – IF ACTIVATED CARBON quantity is selected
  • Screws and T-Nuts for mounting on a printer 2020 extrusions – IF HARDWARE option is selected

Activated Carbon Specs – Pure coconut carbon – Steam activated

Form Granules
Granule size 3,4 – 4,8mm
Bulk Density 500 +/- 30kg/m³
Humidity in the package <5%
Iodine >1050 mg/g
CCI4 – Adsorption n.V.
Surface area (BET) ca. 1100m²/g
Ash Content <5%

Further customization is possible on request.

Materials: ASA – Extrudr or Fillamentum – PCCF Prusament
Print Settings: 4 perimeters, 5 top/bottom layers, 40% infill

Extrudr DuraPro ASA – Technical Material Datasheet
Fillamentum Extrafill ASA – Technical Material Datasheet

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Main Material


Main Color

White – RAL9016, Gray/Silver, Anthracite – RAL7016, Black – RAL9017, Neon Green – RAL6038, Neon Orange – RAL2005, Neon Yellow – RAL1026, Red – RAL3020, Yellow – RAL1023, Green Grass – RAL6010, Sky Blue – RAL5015

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