VORON Trident Kit – Includes Stealthburner and Nevermore

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This Voron kit contains all the parts needed to assemble the printer, except for the Raspberry Pi and the Hotend.
Confused? Not sure what you need? Please CONTACT US before ordering, we’re glad to help. Processing time with printed parts added is up to 7 days!

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  • 350mm³
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    Please choose if you would like to add the full printed parts pack with your printer kit! This includes Nevermore V5 DUO printed parts as well!

    You can choose between default silicone heater that comes with the kit or KEENOVO heater!

    Please choose the main color for your printed parts.

    Please choose the accent color for your printed parts.

    Hotend mounts are printed in high temperature PCCF!

    Please choose the cable cover for your Stealthburner

    Please choose an option for the toolhead mount: Stock X-Carriage or New TAP mount/Probe

    These are the mods we recommend to be installed from the start of your build. These include printed parts only, without the mods hardware 

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VORON Trident Kit by Layerguru – Includes Nevermore and Stealthburner

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VORON 2.4 Official Github Repository


This kits contains EVERYTHING for your printer build except for the Raspberry Pi and the Hotend!
You would need to source these two by yourself!

About the kit:

Layerguru VORON kit was put together with two things in mind: Quality and Affordability!

We have decided to test various parts from some of the most used brands and came up with the best price/quality ratio for our kits.
Our printer farm uses the exact same components to produce amazing quality prints.
Please keep in mind that well assembled and tuned printer is as important as the quality of the parts you are using.


Layerguru kit includes all the hardware parts for the Stealthburner toolhead, highest quality CW2 gears kit, Moons pancake round stepper motor, pre-wired LEDs, LED harness, screw set, Sunnon 24V hotend fan…

Nevermore Air Filter:

All about the Nevermore air filter can be found on Official Github Repository

Kit includes hardware kit for the Nevermore V5 DUO air filter.
If you decide to add the complete printed parts pack with the kit, Nevermore printed parts will be included, as well as 2x activated carbon refills.

Wires and Wire Harness:

Our kit includes all the wires you will need. Silicone and PTFE, pre-crimped and ready to be installed.
All the wires are clearly labeled per assembly manual for ease of installation. Toolhead PTFE high temperature wire harness is clearly labeled and includes the LED wire harness for the Stealthburner.
All mains connectors are properly isolated and meet the applicable safety standards.

Silicone Bed Heater:

We have opted for more affordable high quality bed heater from VIVEDINO for our kit to try and keep the final price reasonable while still maintaining the high quality. Part of our own print farm machines use the same silicone heater from VIVEDINO for a couple of years now without a single issue, and these are 24/7 printing machines.
If you still decide to go for highest quality silicone bed heater, we have you covered here as well. You can simply choose to replace the default VIVEDINO heater with one from KEENOVO, during the kit configuration process. Both options are 230 V/AC

Aluminium Composite Panels:

Our kit includes heat resistant and non-bending aluminium composite panels
Enclosure panel set made from CNC machined aluminium composite panel sheets for the standard build volume VORON2 – 3mm thick


YES! Layerguru is always there for you! Pre-sale questions or advices, assembly issues or any other questions you may have regarding the kit or your build, just get in touch via our contact form or direct message on Discord. We are here to help!


YES! We can have your printer fully built, tested and tuned! More info HERE

Printed Parts:

Parts are printed in highest quality ASA from Fillamentum. Hotend mount is printed in highest quality PCCF from Nanovia.

Kit Highlights:

  • Revision 2
  • Highest quality gears kit for CW2 extruder
  • GATES belts
  • MOONS Motors stepper kit including CW2 round pancake stepper
  • WAGO connectors
  • Pre-crimped and ready to go PTFE wire harness
  • Stealthburner hardware kit with pre-wired LEDs and LED harness
  • Nevermore V5 DUO hardware kit – Fans, screws, magnets, heat inserts, Steam activated carbon…
  • Heat resistant and non-deforming aluminium composite panels – Enclosure panel set made from CNC machined aluminium composite panel sheets for the standard build volume VORON2 – 3mm thick
  • Meanwell power supplies
  • BTT Octopus V1.1 mainboard – Yellow rubber ducky included!
  • BTT TMC2209 Stepper Drivers
  • Double sided PEI sheet – Smooth and powder coated rough surface
  • Premium quality precision milled aluminium bed
  • Layerguru stainless steel linear rails – Highest price/quality ratio.
  • Full wiring set – Silicone and PTFE with all connectors pre-crimped
  • High quality silicone bed heater – 220V – 650W
  • Full hardware set – Stainless steel screws and nuts
  • Full motion set

12 moths warranty on electronic components. PEI sheet is not covered with guaranty.










Printer Size

250mm³, 300mm³, 350mm³

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