The Quality

Quality is the totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that bear on its ability to satisfy given needs.
Quality, an inherent or distinguishing characteristic, a degree or grade of excellence. 

We use the highest quality filaments for our parts! We can not accept orders for printer parts in cheaper/alternative materials.
Material Quality

Only the highest quality, certified and lab tested filaments are used to produce highest quality prints.
Materials without reputable origin, methods of manufacture, chemical composition or mechanical properties produce varying and questionable overall print quality. This includes various “hybrid” and “plus” types of composites. 
Doing home decorations, pen holders and various aesthetics with cheaper material is fine, mechanical parts on the other hand have to be structurally stable, as perfect as possible.

All filaments are thoroughly dried before the print for excellent interlayer bond, mechanical integrity and appearance.

We use filaments from the following manufacturers exclusively for a single reason – quality!
You have a choice of any color from below filament manufacturers – ABS or ASA:

Print Quality

Years of experience, rigorous print tuning, settings finely adjusted for every filament brand and type ensure that our prints are as close to being perfect as possible.
Finely tuned print settings guarantee for excellent interlayer adhesion and overall appearance of printed object.

Quality Control

Consistent quality can only be achieved by consistent and constant quality control.
Every single printed object we produce is carefully inspected and checked for any imperfections and/or defects of any kind. Only the absolute flawless prints are sent to the customer.

With everything above said, our top priority is outputting highest quality parts, however, printed parts are produced by machines operated by a human and mistakes can happen, despite our best effort for the contrary.
Its important to note that minor cosmetic imperfections are normal and are not the reason for return or a refund. If you do get a part with a defect that would affect the mechanical properties and performance of the part in any way, please get in touch with us first so we can promptly fix the issue and replace the part in question.

Many thanks and happy printing!

Aleksandar Pocuc, CEO

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