Voron Printer - Pro Grade Full Assembly, Testing & Tuning

Layerguru Pro Grade assembly service includes a complete build, testing and fine tuning of your new Voron printer. You will pick up fully assembled, fully tuned and configured printer ready to print various materials, with slicer files for each material.

Pre sale consultation – Kit choices, component choices, various other questions… is always free of any charge!

Price: EUR 1380,00

Lead Time: 4-5 Weeks

How it works:

  • You have a kit already and just need the assembly service:
    In this case you would deliver the kit to us, either by post or in person to our address
  • You do not have the kit or any parts gathered:
    We would source the kit for you or all the parts per your wish list, delivered directly to us
  • You have some parts gathered already:
    You would send what you already have to us, we would then gather all the remaining parts per your wish list

Once your printer is ready, you would be notified about the pickup time. You will have the option to demo the printer on location.

What’s Included:

  • Fully configurable build! – Choose you mods and addons
  • Full printed parts kit in colors of your choice
  • Full build – Complete printer assembly, components cleaning, lubrication…
  • Firmware installation and configuration – Main and Secondary MCU Firmware, Klipper, web interface…
  • Input Shaper tuning & configuration
  • Initial printer tuning – Belt tensions, finer adjustments of various components
  • Print tests & tuning with various materials – ABS/ASA, PLA, PETG… + additional materials on request
  • Final printer tuning – Pressure advance, Extrusion Multiplayer…
  • Slicer files for each material type will be provided, preconfigured and ready to be used.
  • After sale support – Get in touch at any time for any kind of help you may need with your new printer
  • All printers are fine tuned for printing speeds between 150mm/s – 200mm/s and amazing print quality.
  • If your kit does not include Raspberry Pi we will use our own RPi for tuning and testing, you would then receive the Micro SD card ready to be used with your own RPi.

Available as Extra on Request:

  • Camera kit and installation EUR 60,00
  • Nevermore kit and installation EUR 90,00
  • Klicky Probe kit and installation EUR 40,00
  • LCD Touchscreen kit and installation EUR 120,00

Delivery Options:

Local pickup is the only available option at this time.
We are located in Upper Austria close to the border with Germany.

Interested? Please get in touch with us HERE and we’ll take it from there
Happy printing!
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